Levi’s Vintage (LVC) hits Inverness and online store!

Another legendary brand hits atticclothing.com and instore at our inverness store.

Levi’s is the brand that brought jeans to the people. The story goes out in the old wild west, Jacob Davies (a tailor) is asked to make a pair of pants that wouldn’t fall apart, A tall order, however Davies does precisely this by creating a trouser that uses heavyweight durable, duck cotton and rivets at the points of strain to produce a truly strong and hardwearing, not to mention highly functional pant. the basis of what would become that staple peice of clothing for men and women alike; the Jean.

Today, every pair of jeans has originated from those pants made over 130 years ago, and very little has changed from those early jeans. Good design lasts. and thats exactly what jeans are built to do.

Thats a tiny bit into the history of the brand, the company that is steeped in history and valuable archives of vintage designs.

LVC or Levi’s Vintage Clothing, brings to life the garments from the past made to exacting specifications, from archives gathered from San Francisco. These authentic Replicas are made from high quality selvedge denim on original narrow looms. The non-denim wear are exact reproductions of the original garments.

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a few favourite pieces:

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